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Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
Wisconsin IV chapter

The Blue Knights are an international motorcycle club whose members work for a governmental law enforcement agency.  Requirements for membership are simple:
1.)  You must have arrest powers, and
2.)  You must own a motorcycle.

Our chapter roots delve deep into Sheboygan County, where several officers formed Wisconsin IV in 1981.  Our founding fathers selected to sponsor the Sheboygan County Safe Harbor House for battered women and children, and for the past fifteen years we've been riding annually to raise awareness and support for their invaluable community services.

Today, our chapter rank and file is comprised of 12 members from several departments. The officers and members of Wisconsin IV ride from many communities in various regions of the state of Wisconsin.  From Sheboygan to Montello, Beaver Dam to Oakfield, Malone to Waupun, and seemingly everywhere in between, we've chosen to hold our monthly meetings in Fond du Lac, a relatively centralized location.

Our meetings and events are family-orientated.  Oftentimes, members bring along their spouses and/or children to share in the rewarding experience of Knights membership.

Despite the generation gaps, our members all share the same goal.  Young or old, rookie or seasoned veteran, we share a love for motorcycling.  Our chapter president's motto?

"If we can't have fun, we're not going to do it!"

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May 8th

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Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc.
Wisconsin IV (Sheboygan) chapter