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Wisconsin IV (Sheboygan chapter)

Meeting Minutes 7/09 - 3/10

Meeting minutes 2/09-6/09
Meeting Minutes 7/09- - 3/10
Meeting minutes 4/10 - ???

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July 11th meeting minutes

Present:  Tom, Steve, OD, Wally, Duane, Bill, Jeremy, Mike, and me.  75% turnout on an Iola car-show weekend!

Meeting called to order at: 0907

Old business:  Wally’s Weekend – who’s RSVP’d?  I can’t make it cuz the vacation days are all full, and I can’t find trades.  Steve, Duane, Tom, OD (maybe), Wally, and Mike (hopefully) are planning on riding  Tom says not to look for fifth gear.  I’m considering riding up on Sunday, but my children are going to be here…

Details – The closest establishment for liquid refreshment is about three miles from the cabin.  Brats and burgers are planned for supper Saturday night, and a bonfire for s’mores, .  Mary Ann plans to have all the food ready – planning for a dozen people.  If necessary, there is a grocery store in relatively close proximity to ensure everyone’s covered.  Mary D. is baking cookies – they travel well in the bike trunk.  We’ll take up a collection when we get up there to cover the costs of food and beverage.  Don’t forget the $10 for Safe Harbor – remember, this is a charity event.  We’re gonna meet on Saturday, August 15th in Ripon at 0900 at the Kwik Trip on the west side, run some back roads up there, and catch up with Wally in Waupaca at around noon at the Kwik Trip in Waupaca.  We’ll decide which way to go over lunch from there.  If it’s raining, there will be an alternate route…

No membership packets yet for our newest members.  Updated roster e-mailed to our members and our Wisconsin rep to GLRC.

New business:  Registration form available for fall MWRC in Omaha, NE (Sept. 11-13th)

Summer GLRC coming up August 28th-30th in Xenia, OH; I have registration forms.

Clint Cagle (WI XI, and Int’l safety committee chairman) is hospitalized with complications from heart surgery.

The letter from the GLRC Secretary/Treasurer Dennis Hafeman was read to members in attendance  Thanks, Dennis – it needed to be said!

Three Illinois event flyers included with the GLRC newsletter.

Resolution to go before Int’l convention to modify/amend the Int’l By-laws to include a Bronze Life Dues tier.  Details on the back of page two of the packet from Int’l.

A sixteen-page issue of the Blue Knights News is ready for print.  Deadline for fall submissions is August 15th; that issue will also include the Int’l sales catalog.

There is work being done on an on-line “Blue Knights’ Accident Report Form” for members to report accidents on the internet.  It’ll help Int’l to increase reporting and maintain consistency while giving the Safety Committee a simple method to pool collision data.  All designed to improve training and education for our members.

According to the BOG meeting minutes, Road America offers discounts for Blue Knights members – bring your membership card to the track!

WI II mentioned in the Int’l BOG minutes – given a Bravo Zulu for a job well done for spring GLRC

Australia is apparently passing a law banning three-piece back patches like the official Int’l back patch.  Our Int’l President is calling on the BOG to begin working on this issue.  Discussion.

Gene King (former WI IV member, now with WI V) is now a Silver Tier dues member…

Illinois XI (Chicago area) is making a bid to host the 2011 Int’l Convention.

Open floor:

Discussing next weekend’s event in Green Bay.  I’m going to e-mail Dane Nelsen and ask him for more details on the WI X fundraiser next weekend.

A reminder about Wally’s Weekend will be sent out the week of the event.  If you plan to attend and have not yet RSVP’d, either e-mail me or e-mail Wally so the above plans may be modified accordingly.

NEXT MEETING is at Wally's cabin on the 15th of August.  I will not be there for the meeting, but there's a slight chance I'll be up on Sunday...

March 2010 WI IV meeting minutes/agenda

Call to order at 0910.


Members present:  Steve, Dick, Duane and Rita, Mike, Paul.  Tom is at a wedding this morning after a funeral last night.  Wally is at a gun show.  Robin must be out west or something – he’s MIA.


Treasurer’s report – none available


Secretary’s report – see below


Old business

-          GLRC patches – I picked up a GLRC patch for each of our members at the Crying Towel Classic.  $3 gets you a GLRC patch…  Dick, Steve, Duane and Mike all picked one up.


New business

-          Spring GLRC – Need a letter from Tom giving Steve permission to vote on behalf of the chapter.  Dane’s notes read, application presented.

-           Blue Knights Scholarship – flyer and application

-          “End of Watch” memorial golf outing

o   Motion to donate on behalf of the chapter?

o   $100 to sponsor hole #4.  Mike motions to donate $100 to End of Watch golf outing.  Paul seconds.  Four “aye’s”, one “nay”.  Motion passes.

-          Wisconsin II bike blessing April 17th in Jefferson.  Duane thinks he’s going to attend.

-          Wisconsin State Convention June 11th-13th, registration forms e-mailed to members.  Steve is planning on attending, sending in his money in April.

-          Int’l Convention in Billings, Montana, more as it becomes available

-          Chapter t-shirts.  Black t-shirt, the back will be the colors with the rockers.  The front will be just a Blue Knights rocker with Sheboygan between the two ends.  The front rockers will be blue and white.    Initial set-up fee (one-time fee) is $20 per color.  If we use red, white, blue, yellow, and silver – that’s $100 set-up fee.  If we use different color shirts, we’ll have to pay for the black color.  Discussion about having “displays” printed on paper for presentation at next month’s meeting, different colored “t-shirts” for members to choose from.  Mike said he’d do that for us.  If we order a minimum amount of 25 shirts or so, it’d be about $10/each.  He won’t print less than 25 at a time, though.

-          Wally’s Weekend

o   Two initial choices – either the weekend of August 21st or the 28th.  Popular vote is for the 28th, but that may be the same weekend of WI VII’s ride (Bruce Williams Memorial ride).  Possibly incorporate the two?


Recruiter award – I’m still looking for information regarding eligibility for Mike, who’s been working his tail off in recruiting BK members.  I do NOT believe the members have to be recruited into the “host” chapter for qualification to be a “Recruiter”, but I’m not sure.  Will check with Dane Nelsen for clarification.


GLRC Traveller pin flyer passed around.  Duane asked for a copy of the flyer for the Traveller pin.


Question asked regarding the “Iron Butt” pin – something to look into.


International President Campaign flyer for Peter Domiziano – discussion.


Note read from John Gordon, GLRC rep to Int’l, regarding Blue Knights members being friends that take care of each other…


Open floor


Mike thinks Friday, May 7th is the Law Enforcement Memorial ride in Madison.


Members Only section of the Int’l website – your log-on ID is the membership number on your membership card.  Your password is your last name in all capital letters…


Our prospective t-shirt supplier CAN do hats…  Robin has a bunch of WI IV hats, though.


Robin, can you bring information on the windbreaker jackets to the April meeting for our newer members?  I’m also interested in ordering one.


We like the idea of a Wisconsin IV FaceBook page…  Something I can work on at my leisure?


Next meeting April 10th.


Motion to adjourn by Steve at 1008, second by Mike.  Non-debatable, motion passes.

Minutes page updated on 13MAR2010

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